Friday, June 18, 2010

Tupperware, Share and Get Exciting New, Old and Favorite, Recipe’s

Since I Married Tammye "Honey" on 9-9-2009,,, 999,,,Which is 666 upside down...??? "It Must Be a good Omen" I have Been Eating Better, and She has taught Me about the World of Tupperware.

I got into becoming a Tupperware Consultant when I found how durable of a product it was,
" Lifetime ".
Now I'm a Guy, I use Craftman, Huskey Tools , Because They have a Lifetime Warranty, But at 55, you woman never told me about tupperware. I thought it was just another piece of plastic container..???

But I was Wrong. ....sitting here in shame....I Was Wrong....

What we want to do here is to share recipes of healthy foods that cost less, and store longer to stretch that food budget farther using our product to store edibles. If you have a recipe and I will also submit one each that is environmentally friendly, good for you and saves you a big bang on your buck, please share with everyone here.

Here is my first recipe:

Yogurt Parfait I buy the organic, all natural, low fat, french vanilla yogurt 2 pound size ($1.09) and I mix it with a bag of frozen, fresh VIP mixed fruit (.99) and serve it in the tupperware parfait glasses that have great air tight seal. These make eight servings.

A six ounce Yoplait container that is made of plastic, that is non reusable, costs around (.89) and is not good for the environment. Check out the calories and the sodium content also. My recipe will beat it hands down in nutrition ten to one at a cost of one eighth over a one month period.

If you disagree with this just let me know. I stand by my word and mine is reusable and good for the life of the environment and the product. Just hand it down to your grandchildren.

Eman your Tupperware Man.

PS Don't forget to share your recipes too!

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